Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Zoo and the Roommates

My daughter and her roommates came home for the weekend for the sole purpose of going to the St. Louis Zoo. She goes to school in Indianapolis and her three roommates are all from Indiana, so this was new for them. I think I have mentioned that the Zoo is one of our favorite places to go. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon and we started going regularly when the kids were still babies. When my daughter decided to go to school in the opposite direction I didn't renew our Zoo membership because I didn't think we would be going again for a few years. But we all immediately missed it--or maybe just missed the thought of not going since it hadn't been that long since we last went! I renewed! I decided even if we don't get to go very often, I would still like to give the Zoo our support. I think good times were had by all, even though it was extremely crowded and extremely hot on Saturday! It's been so cool this Spring, but it got up to nearly 90 degrees that day! My husband and son both tend to be a bit antisocial, and don't like other people in their "territory" so I wasn't sure how they would do with 3 extra girls in the house for two nights, but they did well. I know I really enjoyed the girls' company! It brings back alot of my own memories from my late teens, my own college years.

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