Friday, August 27, 2010


A guy I used to party with a thousand years ago (before the husband and kids) comes into the store quite often. The other day during the course of our conversation he made a reference to "secrets", more than once. I think I know what secrets he is referring to (again, before the husband and the kids!), altho I'm not sure why. But like I said to him, this is a small town--there are no secrets! The thing I find so funny about this is--again, it's a small town. Many of us have a "past" that we don't talk about anymore. Maybe pretend it didn't even happen. But come on, folks, true secrets are hard to find. Someone was there and remembers, even if we pretend we don't! I'm probably not explaining this right, but I just find it so funny to wait on certain customers and make small talk with them, act like we are casual acquaintances when we used to know each other quite well! It's just so hilarious!

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