Saturday, January 29, 2011

Touch of Summer

This winter is getting long. We have had snow on the ground for more days than I can remember in a long time. It's almost Ground Hog Day, which means Spring is just around the corner. Already, I've noticed the days getting longer. During our shortest days, it's dark when I get off work. I can't express how much I hate that! I am definitely a person who responds to light. Once it's dark, I'm just ready to go to bed. My favorite Summer "hobby" is gardening. I love plants, especially flowers. I have several flower beds, including a half-dozen potted plants I keep on the deck. Last Fall my husband brought several inside. I've never had much luck bringing outdoor plants in--they usually die within a couple of months. But for some reason, the three he brought in has survived--even blooming on occasion. I can't wait until the weather is warm and I can put them back out. I just imagine they are going to get so big and full this summer!

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