Thursday, March 24, 2011

Appliance Wars

Every major appliance in our house needs replaced, except the stove, and that's only because we just replaced it! I hate it, not because of the expense (which I'm not fond of) but because my husband and I have very different shopping styles. He wants to spend hours cruising the Internet looking for the best deal, then order it and go pick it up. Me, I want to go physically check it out. I want something sturdy, solid. I'm not so worried about the price. I want to touch it, open the door, look inside. The husband is looking for the cheapest, the best deal. So what is happening is that we aren't replacing what needs replaced. It's turned into a bit of a stand-off, which I will probably lose because each appliance is just going to totally die and have to be replaced immediately, like the stove did. We are washing all of the dishes by hand because the dishwasher is done, and the washing machine is really close. The lid on the freezer is cracked and we have "fixed" the dryer twice. It's the appliance "curse". When one goes out, the others follow it!

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