Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas

It's been going on for years. Usually in August or September. This year I'm running a little late and doing it in October. What is "it"? It's a dream I have with a reoccurring theme. I'm going about my day and suddenly realize it's Christmas Eve. And somehow time has passed and I didn't even realize it. Nothing is done. No decorating, no baking, No Presents! So I spend the dream running around trying to get everything done. Total panic. But this time it was different. It wasn't Christmas Eve. It was Christmas morning. I hadn't really forgotten. I just hadn't bought gifts. (No money, no time--I'm not sure why.) I think there was one each for my husband and the kids. I was very upset and heartbroken. A little background here--my husband grew up in a family that didn't do much for Christmas. So, from the beginning, he liked to do Christmas big. There's always been lots of presents. We've never spent alot of money, but there has always been lots of little things and everything had to be in a box and wrapped. Even if it was just a box of crayons. I guess that's why I was so sad in the dream. I really don't like these dreams and I hope that's it for this year! Now maybe I can go on and get things started!

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froggy said...

We always overdid Halloween when the kids were little (well, and thru high school...) Had a whole haunted graveyard, took over the neighbor's yard.
My dream was that kids were coming down the street and I had no pumpkin and no candy!