Monday, January 16, 2012


Since my daughter is still home we went to the Zoo last Sunday. It was a little cool, in the low 40s, but clear with no wind. We don't normally go in January--actually I'm not sure we ever have. But it was nice. The crowd was minimal at best. There were more animals out moving around than I expected. And we could actually spend time in some of the buildings without hordes of people. I want to "redo" some of my walls and since I'm not much of a decorator my plan is to take some of our Zoo pictures, blow them up and frame them. I didn't have any reptile photos because the reptile house is always so crowded I can't get close enough to take pictures. This time we were able to take the time to get some good pictures. I want to get my frames out this week and see what sizes I have and how many so I can decide which pictures to use. I have so many good ones now, it's going to be hard to decide!

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froggy said...

He reminds me of Hisssss in the Disney Robin Hood movie.