Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden Diary--Week 3

I don't think we are having as wet a Spring as we have had the last few years.  Now, I probably just jinxed us and it'll start pouring any time.  Fingers crossed.  Actually, a little (gentle) rain would be nice.  So far my "viney" plants are doing well. I've lost a couple, but I think maybe the neighbors cat has rolled around in them.  He's such a friendly thing, but he and I have words occasionally.  My popcorn and beans have come up.  Something chewed the tops out of some of the beans.  I think birds, the husband thinks rabbits.  Regardless, I may have to replant a few.  I just put out my tomatoes and bell peppers yesterday.  I have a few tomato plants left that didn't fit.  I'll just hold on to them, see if any I planted don't make it.  Otherwise, maybe I'll put them in the flower bed or in pots. Can one really have too many tomatoes, after all?!

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kathy said...

never have enough tomatoes!!!