Sunday, August 12, 2012

But What's Normal?

We finally got some rain and some relief from the heat this week. It was too late for most of my garden, tho.  This morning I tilled up about half of it and replanted green beans. Fingers crossed. I have a yard full of trees, bushes and flowers. I'm worried that I might have lost my burning bush, but the mimosa tree has done well. Usually I have hummingbirds flitting around it, but I hadn't seen many this year.  I was so delighted to go out one evening last week and see four of them buzzing and fighting.  This one stopped to take a break. Maybe things are about to get back to normal!


the dogs mother said...

Normal for us, in the summer, is tons of smoke in the air from various forest fires. Red sunsets!

S'A said...

The red sunsets would be nice, but I think I can do without the smoke!