Friday, March 1, 2013

Amazed and Bewildered

Tuesday afternoon a young couple from Missouri robbed one of our local banks. That's not the story I'm going to tell, though. The story I'm telling is how amazed I am at how so many people go through life uninformed on things I consider basic, maybe even important  knowledge. Tuesday is our Senior Citizen day plus this week there was talk of bad weather coming in, resulting in a very busy afternoon. The robbery happened around 2 o'clock and the grade school, at the other end of the block, was put on lockdown. Hoards of people starting coming in- possibly because of the reasons I just listed or maybe just to hear the gossip. At one time we had lines of people at our two registers. The discussion became "I sure hope they didn't steal my money" which was all funny and people were laughing. Then I realized a few of them were serious. They really were afraid their own, personal money had been stolen. I looked at one lady and said, "well, you know, the bank is insured. You won't lose anything". I could physically see relief pass through her body. And I realized, she really didn't know. All those bank commercials with "FDIC insured" meant nothing to her and some of the others standing there, afraid they had just lost their money. I've always considered myself to be of average intelligence,  but lately people have really done their best to make me feel smart!


Bob said...

You mean my bank doesn't take my money and put it in a separate safe from all that other money?

Oy. People. You can't live with 'em
That's all.

the dogs' mother said...

It is surprising. Glad you were there to reassure her fear.