Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Life The Last Two Days!

You would think we live high in the mountains where snow means being stuck for weeks. Instead, we live in an area where, even at it's worst, the snow plows do a pretty good job. The last time I got snowed in and couldn't get the car out for a week was in 1982. But people totally freak out. Our forecast calls for (maybe) a few inches of snow over the next few days. The bigger threat is ice, and I think if that was going to happen it would have happened this morning. It didn't. I was stuck standing at the register all day today. I don't do well standing in one spot--I'm a bit fidgety and need to move around. Hopefully tomorrow everyone will have calmed down. Fingers crossed! Stay safe and warm, where ever you are!


the dogs' mother said...

I'm so one of those people right now... they are predicting an arctic wind that will send the wind chill down to -25. This area is not built for that, we're zone 7! Luckily we have a ton of wood and a toasty fireplace.

Bob Slatten said...

Our weather is wack-a-doodle.
We're going to be 80 degrees tomorrow; IN DECEMBER!!
And then we'll be in the 40s on Sunday.

Global warming, schmobal warming.