Saturday, November 15, 2014

Last of Morning Coffee (for awhile)

 It's been a rough week at The House of Jones. We lost our Jinx. We adopted him 5 years ago (in October) so that young Roscoe would have a playmate. Immediately, he stole our hearts. Playful, strangely ungraceful, affectionate.

But as he got larger, he became a bit of a brute. Not intentionally-- he just got big and heavy and rough.
 Roscoe became a loner, preferring to spend his time outside, sleeping and going walk-about. This summer he took a walk and didn't come back. We were sad, but not totally surprised.

But last week Jinx started acting a bit under the weather, off his feed and sleeping most of the day.

 So, a trip to the vet, but  the news wasn't good. He was severely dehydrated and anemic--they think he had an auto-immune disease. They had him on IVs, giving him liquids and a few different drugs, but he slipped away in his sleep yesterday morning.

So now we find ourselves catless--for the first time in 27 years!


the dogs' mother said...

So very sorry to of your loss. They will have a place in your hearts forever. Even Abby sends her condolences. She knows cats are angels on earth just like dogs.

S'A said...

Tell Abby I appreciate it!

S'A said...
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Anonymous said...

So sorry on the loss of your beloved kitty cat..In 2012 I lost two kitteh cats one week apart..Our wonderful freeka as I called her stopped eating ran from me and hid under a big tree, she cried and cried, my neighbor knew the signs and we both tried to get her to come out, she did not, she died after 2 excrutiating hours of crying, my neighbor who practices Buddhism gently got to her before she passed so I could hold her in my arms, my hubs was crying so hard he nearly passed out,my neighbors and friends were steady and helpful to my suffering..The next week our sweet bailey boy cried the same cries and stopped eating and I held him it seemed forever, my hubs held him too, he stopped crying and we knew he had passed the rainbow bridge and helped me to bury him next to our freeka no more new cats, our other two knew something was up, I had to gather their toys, throw out litter and get rid of their beds, etc. our older girl Miss Cody just sat glued to my hubs it seemed like forever our wild boy mr. Miyagi ran and ran all the way down the street my friends and neighbors got her and brought him home he acted funny, I called our feline vet place they said he knew the two were gone and got scared..The loss of cats in my opinion is harder on people than most people realize, I raised freeka from a tiny tiny kitten hand feeding her and cleaning her up abandoned at the high school a tiny little things, I could hold her in my pocket of my sweater I buried the sweater with freeka. Bailey boy came to us a year later the cutest tiny little tiger boy, he was so loving and sweet, curled up on my hubs who used to not be caring and careful with cats at all he is a big marshmallow now, but to tell the truth we don't plan on getting any more kitteh cats after these live their lives in love and luxury..It is hard to let go, I want to get another cat but my heart won't allow it..we are too busy and away from our home and have to get someone to watch them and many are too busy to do we stay home..take care, the cat is in your heart forever and don't fuss you will heal but we know you are a hurting and we send our prayers and love too,ciao