Sunday, December 13, 2015

When Uncle Sam Doesn't Like You...

So, this was the very best thing I've seen all week! I think the eagle speaks for all of us! I'm not going to talk about him (not even going to use his name), mainly because I can't stand him, never have.  But there is something I've noticed the last few days, something I'm been pondering: The "polls" keep giving him these high numbers, but I can't find one person in my area (and it's a heavy Republican area) that supports him. Now, I've got a few theories, because I always have theories: 1) they support him but are too ashamed to admit it, 2) I've managed to block every person and site on my FB that supports him, or 3) the numbers have been screwed with. Take your pick!

Even Colbert got into the spirit of things! (maybe he should run for President!)


the dogs' mother said...

I loves that bird.

Bob Slatten said...

Smart bird.
And i think all three of your ideas sound right: the shame, the blocking, the ridiculous numbers.