Friday, October 3, 2008

Longest Week

This has been the longest week. I didn't think Friday was ever going to get here. I'm not sure why it seemed so long. Maybe because I expected it to be busier. Usually the first few days of the month are fairly busy just because people get their food stamps and come in and stock up. Our store has exceptionally good meat, and people come from quite-a-ways. The first week usually sees a big surge in meat bundles. But for some reason that didn't happen. I get alittle tired of hearing about the economy (which is a huge topic in a grocery store!) but I imagine it has everything to do with the economy. My guess is that the people with food stamps went to Aldi's and Walmart to try and stretch their bucks, altho one friend went over and said they didn't seem any busier than normal. It's a mystery!

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