Saturday, March 21, 2020

Illinois Is Closed

This is my produce cooler. It's looked like this all week. Basically, anything that comes in can go directly to my display case. For the most part, people have been understanding. I've been lucky and been able to get most of the basics, but in a limited supply. I don't know about next week, though. Potatoes, carrots, lettuce-- all things that my suppliers are iffy about. (Plus, getting meat, bread, milk, and eggs is nearly impossible.) We've never had sustained crowds like this in our little store. Sure, before a big snowstorm, or when we've had one-day meat sales. But that's been for a day, not 10 days running. What gets me is how many people act like it was a sudden thing. I stocked up a month ago because I knew it was coming, so, not so sudden, folks! 

The schools are closed and for the most part, people aren't bringing their kids into the stores. But... so are the restaurants. No more going for coffee for the old men. And they're bored already. The older folks are the ones who should stay home, but instead they come into the store every day, just to wander around, wanting to visit. I'm going to end up fired because it infuriates me. Not only are they exposing themselves unnecessarily, but they're exposing all of us. They act like it's a party, that it's fun. (It's not fun, John!) 

I'm tempted to make myself a T-shirt that says "stay back and don't talk to me!" (I'm pretty sure it still wouldn't get me fired.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Keyword: Waiting


My rhubarb has broken through, my spring flowers, also. And the maple tree is budding. Still, it's damp and cold and I keep reminding myself it's only mid March, after all. But I've got my chair out, ready for afternoon sunshine, so now I just have to be patient and WAIT. 

But... I'm also waiting to see when I'm going to get sick. Or if I'll get sick. Or if we'll all get sick at the same time. I work in a grocery store, my husband at Menard's, and my son at Kohl's. None of us are being told to stay home, and people in our area aren't going to (it's all a hoax, they'll say, even as they load up on roast and hamburger).

But it's this waiting that is stressing me, causing me to be easily distracted. I can't concentrate at all. My brain's fuzzy. And my throat is scratchy. I have spring allergies and I tend to get colds in the spring, if I get one at all. So now I'm waiting. Waiting to see if I start to run a fever, or get nasal drainage, or just a little stuffiness. 

Waiting to see if my mom gets sick. 

So I may have overdone it posting memes on FaceBook, but laughter is usually how I deal with things. Gotta laugh or I'm going to roll up into a ball and cry. Stay healthy, everyone. 

Image may contain: possible text that says 'It's like we all complained about what a bad year 2019 was and 2020 is like, "here... hold my corona."'