Monday, May 20, 2013

Garden Blahs

Somehow, after all of the cold weather and rain we've had this Spring, warm weather finally popped. And so has the flowers, and the grass, and the trees. My allergies haven't hit as hard this year, at least not yet. My worst time is usually when the cottonwoods start dropping their little cotton wads. That should be soon. I'm having a hard time getting interested in gardening this year. Maybe because it's just so late. I usually have my flower beds cleaned up by now, and new plants in the ground. We did manage to get the garden tilled and I got most of it planted over the weekend, but again, I'm not really interested in it. I was about 6 weeks ago, when I normally would have started. Some how, during the delay, I mentally just moved on! Maybe, when the seedlings start coming up, I'll get interested again. I had every intention of cleaning out one of the flower beds and making it into an herb garden, but it's so overgrown now (it's full of perennials)  that I think it'll wait until next year. On the up side, my daughter got home over the weekend and she doesn't know how long she is staying, so I guess I just want to spend my time with her!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hard to do when you are surrounded by them! (Especially when they live in the same house.) But I try my best to stay "unaffected"!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Except it lasted more than 2 minutes. Thank goodness I'm over it!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teetering on the Edge

I've always been on the plump-side. But during College, I did the typical College-girl thing--I quit eating. It wasn't a sudden thing where I decided to quit one morning and just did. Somehow, I gradually cut bits and pieces out of my meals until I was drinking a Coke for lunch and for supper I went to the restaurant where I worked and drank iced tea and ate lemon slices. Of course, I was aided by diet pills--legal speed. I lost weight, and I got a bit sick. It plays havoc with the immune system. Was I anorexic?  By the definition I was. It's a strange thing to go through. And I find myself on that teeter totter again. I spent the months after Christmas baking. A lot. My guys are both slim and need the extra calories just to maintain their weight. It's cheaper to bake than buy. I tried tons of new recipes. They were happy. I gained weight. Something clicked in my head a few weeks ago. This is coming off-- and then some. I mean, really clicked. I'm having a hard time making myself eat. The hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach feels natural-- again. No diet aids, this time, tho. My goal is to eat healthy--I've cut most of my carbs and I'm eating more fruit. It's a challenge, telling myself to eat something instead of telling myself not to eat something.