Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Decorating Decisions

I've actually been in more of the mood for Christmas this year than I was last year. Last year I just put out part of my huge hoard of decorations, but this year I was really in the mood to put them all out. Unfortunately, I've got to think of the cats! As I started to put them up I realized they all have to be out of reach of the new kitten. And that limited me. Somehow, over the years I've amassed a large tote of stuffed animals and we usually sit them under the trees and on some little chairs I have. Jinx would love it--new play things! So they went back into the totes. I feel sad that they have to go back into storage another year. Did you ever see the Christmas special "Noel" about the Christmas ornaments? I guess I always feel like the decorations are glad to get out of their boxes for a while. Now I feel guilty that they didn't all get that chance this year! Hopefully, next year he will be a year older (and calmer!!) and I can put them out!