Sunday, April 27, 2014


A friend of mine died two weeks ago, 6 days after she was diagnosed with cancer. She was only 43. She and I weren't best friends, but my folks were friends with her folks and I grew up with the clan. We are like family, and I am close with a couple of her older sisters who are closer to my age. The funeral was at the Catholic Church here in town. I've been to a couple of Catholic weddings before, but I think this was the first funeral. It's so odd, but like my cousin's funeral last year, I felt totally disconnected from the whole thing. I felt like I was watching a Japanese tea ceremony as the Father poured the wine and folded clothes, wiped the chalice and said the words. I grew up Presbyterian and knew the words, could almost quote them, in fact. It was all so very ritualized. From a psychological point of view, I see where that can be soothing for the family. For me, well, lets just say, I really wished I had paper so I could take notes. I know--rather inappropriate. Now, tomorrow, I'm going to my Great-Aunt's funeral. To many deaths all at once. Hope this is it for awhile!