Monday, July 13, 2009

Road Trip

My 17 year old wants to go on a "road trip" so I promised him one this summer. Problem is I've already spent so much money lately and this could get pricey. I worry about what my husband will have to say about it (and no, I haven't told him yet.) I think it's just going to be from Sunday to Wednesday, if I can get someone to cover my shifts at work. We plan on going to Indianapolis first. We can stay at my daughter's apartment, altho she has 3 roommates-- it may be a bit crowded. But it's cheaper! We plan on going to the Imax theatre to see the Harry Potter movie Sunday evening, and then maybe the zoo on Monday. I'm hoping to spend the night again in Indy and then take off early Tuesday morning for wherever. I just haven't figured out where wherever is! A motel that night, some sight seeing Wednesday morning, and back home by evening. It seems so simple, but I'm one of those people who likes everything planned and organized and scheduled. I'm just not very flexible. I so wish I was! I think the boy needs this break so I'm doing it for him. And, in a way, I guess I'm doing it for myself to see if I can! I'm trying so hard to break out of the routine. It's not easy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hot and Muggy

A couple of weeks ago--the last day of a 2 week heat wave--our air conditioner quit. It was kind of nice because the days following were nice and the nights were down-right chilly at times, and I love having the windows open, but this week it got a bit warm. My son does not like hot weather and has let me know on a fairly regular basis, but getting an answer from the husband on what he thought we should do about it was not forthcoming. Today he tells me he thinks he knows what is wrong and he thinks he can order the part and fix it. Yeah for him! I just hope he's right because with this rain we've gotten in the last 24 hours, everything in the house is damp. I really had planned on cleaning this weekend, but it's kinda difficult when everything is sticking together!