Sunday, January 17, 2010

Still on Strike!

I'm still on strike, but I think I need a picket sign because I don't think my husband actually realizes it! It's hard being on strike. I've spent a big part of my day watching Life on Mars, but I keep thinking I need to get up and do something! I've still been cooking, because the son and I still have to eat, and I've been doing laundry because I want my clothes washed a certain way. But I have done absolutely nothing else. How does he not catch on?!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


When I checked the Weather Channel this morning, our temperature was -2. Wind chill was something like -14. That is the coldest it has been here in around 10 years. And, of course, I feel the need to get out of the house! Mom wants to see "Avatar" and even though I've seen it already, I called her to see if she wants to get out today and she was all for it. But she needs to stop and get groceries afterwards. Sure, I need eggs, anyway! So I think I'll get some soup going in the Crockpot and start taking down the Christmas tree this morning. Yes, I'm way behind on taking down the Christmas decorations this year. Ehh, I'm sure I'll get it done before the end of the month!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Midlife Crisis

My husband quit his job today. It's the 5th job he's had since November of 2007. He actually had this one for almost 12 months. He has been going through assorted mid-life crisis' since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. I think it's been long enough! I'm going on strike! If I'm working all of the time, and he's home all of the time, he can do the cleaning!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daily Irritants

Why do people think they can go into a store (or any business, actually) trash talk the products and the employees, and then wonder why they aren't greeted with smiles and service? I'm sorry, if I'm that unhappy with a store, I quit going there. I don't continue to return weekly! I had a customer today who was unhappy that we were out the bacon we had on sale. I explained to her that store policy is we only give rainchecks if we have been shorted the item and will not receive any before the sale ends. This particular customer said she wouldn't be in again this week--but I would almost bet she is. She comes in several times each week. And she was unhappy with the response she got from the employee in the meat department that told her we were out. (He has had previous run-ins with her and kept his answers as short as possible.) At that point I offered to give her the raincheck but she refused. She didn't want it any more. She said she would just have to go to Walmart and she was having a good day until she came to the store. I mumbled "me too" and then clamped my mouth shut to avoid telling her how much we dread seeing her come in the door. I think she started to realize she had gone to far by the set of my face because her tone changed and she even tried to smile a little. 98% of the customers are okay--quite a few downright chatty and friendly--but it's that 2% that ruin my day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Inner Hippy

New Year, time for a new start. Why do we always pick the coldest month of the year to think that? So many people starting diets when our bodies are telling us to take in more calories to counter the cold weather and viruses floating around. Or how about quitting smoking--during the time of the year when we are stuck inside and bored. It would make so much more sense to wait to start new "resolutions" when the weather is nicer and we can get outside and distract ourselves from our bad habits! My husband has decided to quit his job and study laptop repair. He wants to open his own business doing computer repair and maintenance. I would back him totally if he was going to an actual school, but he plans on doing this on-line. In fact, he has already started the program. So I have to wonder why he can't at least work part time while he completes the program. I am seriously considering having my own mid-life crisis. I think I will start by looking for my inner Hippy (whom I seem to have lost when I got married and had kids) and see what she would like to do with the rest of her life!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hope I'm Wrong

My daughter went back to school yesterday. She was home from college for 2 weeks--2 weeks when I was working at the store and constantly trying to get things done around the house. I've been behind the whole year--don't know why I tried to stay caught up through Christmas. I didn't manage it, by the way. Anyway, I was busy enough that I didn't get to spend much "alone time" with my daughter. I thought I was handling her being away really well but I think I'm having some delayed "empty nest" or "separation anxiety" or something going on. Maybe I'm just tired. Now she is talking about changing schools, and moving even farther away. I know it's what she needs to do, but I'm having a bit of a hard time with it! I wish I had high expectations for this coming year, but I think it's going to be an incredibly difficult one. I so hope I'm wrong!