Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Plans

I've heard dire predictions of snow all week and it finally got here, but luck was on our side again, and we didn't get very much. It's pretty, but really wet and sloppy. The last snow we had was really dry--no shovels required. A broom was enough to do the trick! Anyway, I have every intention to stay in today. I just got the new Dr.Who/CompleteSpecials box set and I plan on doing a bit of a movie marathon this afternoon and tomorrow! I've been a Dr. Who fan since I was a young teen, so the new seasons have been a high point for me the last few years. Thank goodness Syfy showed Seasons 1-4 because we don't get BBC America on our cable. But they didn't show the Specials from this last year and I had to wait until they came out on DVD. Well, the time has arrived! Thank goodness for the snow and a reason to stay home this weekend!