Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Swear, I'm Not Whining!

During High School and College I was a very social creature. I was always doing and going. Then I met my husband. He seemed rather sociable himself at the time. That was my "drunk weekend" summer--in otherwords, I didn't sober up from the beginning of April until about the end of August! I tell people I was drunk when I met him (at the bar) and when I sobered up, we were living together, so I just stayed and married him! It's really not so far from the truth, actually. And it turns out his social side had more to do with alcohol than I realized. Our "drinking buddies" faded away when we quit drinking. He would do well as a hermit. Once we had kids he hardly ever wanted to go to other people's houses, and he got mad at me when I invited people to our house. Plus, when you get married and have kids, it seems your single friends fade away. I still bowled, and had a bit of a social life there, but then I broke my ankle and that was the end of that. Before it healed enough the local Bowling Alley closed and it was just too expensive at the next town. Quite a few of my friends and cousins drifted off to other parts of the world. So now here I am at a point when my kids don't need me to be home and I've gotten past the point where I feel like I can't go out if my husband doesn't, and I have no friends! It really didn't happen overnight, it's been gradual and I only really noticed it had happened the last few years. I do still have one friend. But she still has young children and her social life is mainly limited to driving them around! She's been wanting to get together and go see a movie, but we have very different interests genre-wise! She likes horror flicks and I just don't. There is one club in town, the Garden Club, but that takes money to join. There used to be the Jr. Women's club, but it faded away for lack of interest. There is lots of church groups, but I don't do church. And the VFW does alot, and I think I could join now since my brother is eligible, but it's mainly a bar and I don't drink much anymore. I'm sure this is just a "dry spell" and I'll get out again. Anyway, that's what I keep telling myself!