Sunday, November 9, 2008

Defining Moments

My daughter came home from college last weekend so she could vote. I've always believed it was important to be part of the process--to me it is part of being American. I know I get that from my folks. Dad always said if you don't vote you don't have the right to complain. I've always taken that to heart and been vocal about it! And apparently at least one of my kids was listening to me! I admit right now that I've never been as emotionally vested in any other election. I don't even have the words to express how I feel. I think for the last few weeks I've been holding my breath waiting for it to be over. I was so afraid the vote would go the other way. Everyone at work was so sure that Obama would win, but I was afraid they were getting too cocky--that maybe that certainty was going to jinx it! I don't know if Obama can actually do anything he promised, but just the fact that he got elected shows me there is hope for the American people. I guess living in this town where world views can be rather narrow wears on me. I would have loved to have put up an Obama sign in my yard or worn a button to work, but I have to deal with "customer relations" and most of the town voted the other way. I don't do political arguments (just like I don't do religious arguments). I just hope that they realize what a historic thing just happened.

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