Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bah Humbug

I'm having a very difficult time getting into Christmas this year. We only put up half the decorations that we usually do (and I didn't even clean before we put them up--the shelves were pretty dusty!) and I don't have my shopping done. I'm usually about done shopping and wrapping by now. We don't buy for very many people and I'm done with the kids and the Husband, but I have no idea what to get for the few others I usually buy for. I think between the stress of trying to pay the bills on just my paycheck and all of the work I've been putting into my Avon business is just not leaving any time for anything else. My brain is a bit fried! Last weekend I had a booth at the LYF's Holiday Bazaar and today I'm hosting my annual Pre-Christmas sale. It started out strong this morning, but has died down. It didn't help that part of my last order didn't arrive with the rest of it, so I reordered and (naturally) ended up with a box full of duplicates! So it's another thing that needs taken care of. I love getting a 40 hour paycheck, but I sure miss my Thursdays off that I had for the 10 years before this one! It was nice to have a day to get things done. The daughter comes home next weekend--maybe that will lift my spirits!

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