Friday, August 13, 2010

Kick the Computer

I'm going to start a new game--Kick the Computer! I'm talking about the one we have at work. Three years ago we got a new register system at the grocery store. At the time, I and the other full-time "day checker" had our doubts about the system. It is a flat screen with lots of "buttons" that one pushes to get to other screens. We had very little training--basically we just had to figure it out ourselves. I asked the tech that installed it for a manual and his response was "the manual is 600 pages long and no one reads it". In other words, we received no manual. I believe we were the first store that said computer expert installed and it has been buggy as hell. We have had trouble after trouble with it for the whole three years. And this week has been a bad one. I'm sure the owners spent a lot of money on the system and we are stuck with it for years to come, but oh, it is so frustrating!

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