Sunday, August 29, 2010

Zucchini Bread

The garden, the little bit I had, produced a goodly amount of zucchini. (Still is, actually!) So last Sunday I shredded up several to make bread. The plan was that I would make a different flavored batch each evening after work. Which didn't happen! Surprisingly, it hadn't soured so early this morning I had a zucchini bread making marathon. I have found throughout the years that Christmas isn't Christmas for me unless it includes lots of baking. And somehow, now I can't seem to get motivated to do a large amount of baking without Christmas music! (We all have our little eccentricities!). My daughter got up mid-morning and walked in and just stood and stared at me. Finally she said "Christmas music? I could hear it in the bathroom. I knew you were baking", and walked out. They know me so well!

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