Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Groundhogs Day!

It's been quite the week. The Weather Channel started mentioning bad winter weather at the end of last week. Sunday the grocery store was very busy with people stocking up. Monday was so busy, we had a hard time keeping up. We ran out of bread--we never run out of bread! It was a record breaking day. Tuesday it started raining mid-morning. By noon it was starting to freeze. We stayed busy. That night the weight on the lines and trees was too much and electricity went out all over the area. We live in town, so our's went out, came back on, went out, came back on, over and over all night. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep. But we are better off than the people that live out in the country. They may not get their electricity back for a few more days. After the day of freezing rain, we started getting sleet. I'll bet we got over an inch. Ever try to walk on a layer of sleet that is covering a layer of ice? Not fun. Then yesterday we got snow. Even though it snowed most of the day, I would say we got less than 2 inches. I would say we dodged a bullet--again. Some how, we seem to be in a spot here where the worst of the weather goes around us. It's a pain but it's beautiful. The worst and the best of Mother Nature! I heard Phil didn't see his shadow yesterday and Spring should be early. Fingers crossed that he is right!

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