Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Hot Out There!

The view from the top of the ladder. The water may look refreshing, but I threw in a thermometer and the water was a hot-tub like 96 degrees! Needless to say, I didn't swim.

I usually walk the 3 blocks to work, and lately, with this heat we are having, that 3 blocks seems twice as long. The roads here are covered in tar, with gravel over it. When it's this hot, the tar rises. The road actually felt spongy as I walked on it yesterday. I remember "popping" those tar bubbles as a kid with our toes. We would have black feet all summer because we never wore shoes, and that stuff doesn't come off easily!


froggy said...

I noticed we get to finally join the heat map by the weekend. But then 90 and 100 plus are normal here this time of year. We don't have the humidity thankfully.

S'A said...

Our humidity is running around 55% right now--that's the lowest it's been for a week. It's supposed to be around 80% this evening. Sometimes outside it's like trying to breath under water. I have cousins from Arizona who have a rough time with our weather in the Summer!