Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cat Nap

I've been bad about getting Holiday decorations out the last few years. Partly because the kids are old enough to not care and partly because at times I don't seem to care, either. There is also the added factor the last three years of the two youngest cats. Lucky and Fat Cat, the two older ones, never seemed to mess with them much. But Roscoe and Jinx, the younger two, find them fascinating. While I was in my manic mood two weekends ago, I got the Halloween decorations out. So far I'm not finding them strung around, but Roscoe did decide the piano was a good place to nap. I tried a squirt bottle--he just seemed to think the stream of water was a game. When he was a kitten and wouldn't stay off the fireplace mantle I bought one of those Glade fragrancers that is motion sensored. It worked well and he stayed off, but I can't find refills for it now. I know they do that on purpose! I guess I'll buy another one before I put the Christmas decorations out! (I can't believe Christmas is only 3 months away. I'm so not ready for Winter!)

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froggy said...

I have little pumpkins out on the deck - hopefully far away enough from the puppies who think pumpkins are tasty balls to play with. If I can work around the workmen I will get out some stuff for the house.