Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hot Commodities

We received these cute little guys last week. They've been a big hit with the kids--and the adults. We've heard over and over again "tell Jerry when he doesn't want these any more, I'll take one". Sorry folks, ain't happening! Turns out these display units aren't something the company sent us for free--the stores had to order and pay for them. Our Mars/M&M rep. was in the store the other day and she said some of the stores never received theirs. I guess there is a limited supply. In fact, it took awhile before we received ours. She then said some have been stolen right out of the stores! (We're talking small stores here where the cashier sometimes has to move away from the door to help customers.) What do they do with them? Check out Ebay--they're going for a couple hundred bucks!

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froggy said...

I wonder if they will show up at our store?