Sunday, September 11, 2011

Taking a Breather

Hormones make me crazy--literally! Even though I'm no longer on Strike, I don't do as much housework as I used to do. Mainly because I work full time now and weekends seem totally booked. Housework time is limited. But, as I said, hormones make me crazy and sometimes I get a bit manic. It's happening this morning. I'm running in circles because there is so much that needs done--that never gets done. I start one thing and then see something else that needs done, so I start on that. And repeat. Until a little is done but nothing is finished. Circle. Circle. Circle. Even my thoughts. So I'm taking a moment here to hopefully settle down enough to go start again. I would love to take a week off just to clean. Of course, the problem with that is, I'm never alone and I can't seem to accomplish much with other people in the house. I'm sure the fact that I've got some where to be at noon isn't helping. If it wasn't a family thing, I think I would skip it. But that's not really an option.

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froggy said...

My youngest son is home and he creates A LOT more housework - he's the absent minded professor type - But, otoh, he's HOME! :-)