Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

I'm so excited about this! Across the bridge is Century Pop Resort, where we have stayed in the past and we could see that there was construction on the other side of "the lake". We just figured since Century Pop represents the 1950s through the present that the other side would be the first part of the Century. But really, other than the Roarin' 20s, what would you do? I mean, you had the Depression and WWII. Not much to build on, there! We are planning on going in December of next year. We would probably have to make reservations now to get in, but we will probably just stay at Century Pop again and walk over and visit. I know a new Resort at Walt Disney world is kind of a trivial thing, but with all the worries and stress that seems to be happening right now, it's so nice to have something to look forward to and be excited about!


froggy said...

When I was 10 we went to Disneyland. On the map there was a construction zone that said it was the future home of the Haunted Mansion. Being a Halloween Officiant I was excited! Fast forward 25 years and we went back with all three kids. Haunted Mansion was first on my list!

S'A said...

The Haunted Mansion scared me when I was 11, but it's one of our favorite rides now. We ride it at least twice whenever we are there!