Saturday, December 10, 2011

Red Solo Cup

Tuesday a woman came in the store and asked if we sold red Solo cups. "No", I told her, "but we have red Hytop cups". (Our store brand). She looked at them and said, "I'm not sure these will work", and she left. I found it a bit strange. Then, Tuesday night as I watched Glee, much to my surprise, they performed a song called "Red Solo Cup", and I went, "ah, I get it!". Now, I don't listen to country music, but in my younger days we would have "keggers" and of course, there were red Solo cups. Therefore, I was rather amused. Jump forward to Thursday. My brother, whom I haven't seen in over a year, was passing through on a business trip and I went "uptown" with him and a couple of his friends that evening. He does listen to country music, so I related this story to him and we all laughed about the song. One of his pals had never heard the song, so the other pal went and found it on the juke box. Everyone sang along. Then we heard it later on the radio. We ended the evening at an establishment that had a DJ, so pal # 2 went and requested it. I think I have now had my fill of the song.

Although, I'm sure I'll get it hear it plenty because it's the kind of song I see getting played at Redneck wedding receptions for the next few years!

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froggy said...

Too bad BIL's four daughters are already married (the last one in the grange building) I'm sure that song would have been a hit!