Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life is What Happens....

I turned 48 today. I'm not depressed about it but I keep having this "Wow, when did that happen?" thing going on in my head! I think we get to this age and reflect on what came before and what we should do in the future. I had this image, back when I was 20 and didn't see myself ever married and doing the domestic Goddess thing, that by the time I got to this age that I would have had a job (that I liked), maybe raised a kid, and maybe, then, be thinking about getting married to someone I could grow old with. Then, somehow before I was out of my 20's, I did get married, had a couple of kids, got a a mortgage, managed a little savings for retirement. When I was 35 I imagined that at this age the kids would be about raised, the house paid off, we would have a little more savings for retirement. I imagined things would be easier now. I could maybe travel some, enjoy things. And it's not like that at all. Our money situation is bad and getting worse. One kid has student loans up to her ears and is still adding. The other kid is barely out of a holding pattern and I don't know what to do for him. Still making house payments, not much savings anymore. And still, I try to stay positive. If we can hold on for about 4 more years, the house will be paid for. Maybe we can cut our insurance premiums (that's what is eating us alive, afterall). Maybe we will retire in Florida. Maybe the kids will be huge successes in their chosen fields and take me on trips to exciting places and meet exciting people! So much yet to look forward to.

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froggy said...

Told Eldest, in his punk rock band years, that all I wanted was a private island of mine own. :-)
Alas the band all went away to college and all I have is a broken cymbal they screwed to the ceiling.