Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wonkier Still

It reached 81°s yesterday, 30°s over the normal high. This is my forsythia bush. It's a bit early for it to be bloomed out. My rhubarb is starting to leaf, I noticed my peonies are sticking up, and I even saw an asparagus tip poking it's nose out. My trees are full of buds. We have the windows open and the birds are chirping like it's the happiest day of their little lives. We don't normally get 80° temperatures until June. My son made the comment that the "end of the world" people just might be right! We seem to be losing our Seasonal rhythms.

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froggy said...

Watching the news and all the warm weather - and there is PNW under our rain cloud. 1-2 feet of snow expected in the mts. sheesh!