Sunday, April 22, 2012

Garden Diary

Day one: I'm a bit nervous about putting the garden out so early, but with the mild winter, there have been people with plants out for several weeks.  We went to Effingham this morning and we took the "scenic" route through the country.  Farmers already have some corn planted and growing.  I started some seedlings about a month ago and they were starting to crowd each other out.  So I decided to take the plunge and stick them in the ground.  Today I put out cucumbers, summer squash, honeydew, green and wax beans, plus we are trying popcorn this year. I also stuck some eggplants in the flower bed and am going to try and start some asparagus.  I tried a few years ago, but I've only got one small hill that has made it.  This time I am trying with seeds.  Fingers crossed!  I have tomato and bell pepper seedlings started, but I want them to get a little bigger before I put them into the ground.  I would never have dreamed, back when Dad made me help in the garden, that I would some day  grown up and actually enjoy it!

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kathy said...

When my folks lived in N.Central WA asparagus grew wild right next to our house. They are harvesting here this month.
I have next weekend blocked out for The Engineer to be labor for my bags of potting soil, a new deck table and some new pots.
I had a garden plot years ago that GB and his best friend, who were preschoolers at the time, seeded with birdseed. Like little Johnny Appleseeds, they were very industrious. I've stuck to containers ever since and now, with Gardener Abby Dog, they have to be up on tables.