Thursday, April 5, 2012

Morning Coffee

Somehow we have become Cat Central. Every cat for blocks seems to congregate in our yard. My cats hiss at them once in a while, but make no real attempt to get them off their turf! I decided if they are going to hang around here, I'm going to give them names. This particular fluffy white and yellow one I call Reggie. I don't know if he actually belongs to anyone, or is just a neighborhood stray. Anyway, he got awfully comfortable on our pool cover the other day. He's lucky--we need to replace it because it's starting to rot. We don't drain the pool for the winter so if it had ripped, he could have gotten mighty wet!

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froggy said...

Our neighborhood was adopted by Hobo. He used to eat our dogs' food and would meow at me at 5am if the bowl was empty. Being allergic to cats it fell to two other neighbors to take him to the vet to bind his wounds as he finished his takeover. He finally settled in our next door neighbors house and spent his days on Hobo Rock by our front entryway. No one was allowed in the house without paying him tribute (we always had to wash our hands afterwards).