Sunday, July 15, 2012

In Otherwords, I've Been Busy

I think we need a new greeting. Everyone says "hi, how are you?".  They really don't want to know so we answer "fine, good.  How are you?".  Sometimes I'm having a bad day and I tell them. People are going to start avoiding me! I probably shouldn't find humor in making people uncomfortable but for some perverse reason, I do! Maybe because the people I do this to are the people that are so good at looking down on other people. They make comments about people on foodstamps (I applied this week, still waiting to hear if we qualify) or "homos" (they don't know about the people in my life) or "Obamacare" (I have major insurance issues). Hmm, somehow this post was going to be about the fact that my cousin and my brother and their families were home last weekend and it was great seeing them and also the fact that my daughter (finally!) got a summer job.  I am so easily distracted! Oh, and it rained! It's amazing how rain can affect one's mood. Most of the corn crop in our area is probably past the point of no return, but it may not be too late for the beans. When you live in an agriculturally dependent community, talking about the weather becomes more than chit-chat to fill empty space. Oh, whoops, got distracted again. I feel like the dog in Up when he sees the squirrel--my mind is all over the place lately. I've spent my extra Saturdays at the Farmer's Market trying to make a few extra dollars on some of my extra garden fodder and also unload some Homecoming memorabilia. And now my husband won't quit talking about Walking Dead so I guess I'll end here.  I can't think and type when he's talking!

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the dogs mother said...

Most of our crops are irrigated. Helps when you live along three rivers. My BIL, otoh, is a wheat and lentil farmer and that is all dependent on the rainfall. He's up against some small mountains so the stuff that passes over us gets stopped up and drops some rain on him.