Thursday, September 20, 2012

Glad to Be Home

My niece got married Saturday-- in Wyoming. That's about a 15 hour drive from here.  I don't like to fly so my folks drove and my son and I rode along.  I should say, my Stepfather drove and the rest of us rode along.  He is, or was, a truck driver.  I would be glad to take my turn at the wheel, but he doesn't offer.  Have you ever ridden with a truck driver? No matter how small the vehicle, he always drives like he is in a semi! We don't make many pit-stops, and no matter how late it is getting, we don't stop for the night until we get to specific places. There is no flexibility. The folks have a 4X4, or in other words, a monster truck!  Very roomy, but not terribly comfortable. Now that we are home, my back is killing me! My daughter and her partner flew in to to meet us.  The closest airport is Denver, which is about an hour and a half from my brother's, resulting in more time on the road. It was a nice wedding, and I wouldn't have missed my niece getting married for anything, so I'm not complaining. Her new husband seems like a nice guy who is good with her 7 year old son. I liked his family (you can tell alot about a person from his family) and he has a charming 3 year old son.(I don't say that often about children!)  Ready-made family! We stayed in Base guest lodging--my brother is retired Air Force and he and his wife both have Civilian Military jobs. It was nice--a small 3 bedroom apartment.  Plenty of beds for everyone and our own kitchen and bathroom.  No sleeping on an air-mattress in my brother's "man cave"! Plus, much cheaper than staying in a motel.  I highly recommend it!  


Bob said...

My father wasn't a trucker but what you described about your step-father suits my dad to a T.

the dogs' mother said...

Luckily all my nieces got married about three hours away!