Sunday, September 2, 2012

Isaac Arrived!

Isaac hit us pretty hard yesterday. We seem to have hit an end to months and months of sweltering temps and no precipitation. For the last half dozen years or so we have had monsoon-like Springs with dry, hot Summers.  This year Mother Nature is doing her best to keep us guessing! My guage showed we had about 5" of rain in an approximate 24 hours period.  I was supposed to go to my Mom's yesterday for our annual Hog Roast. Several of the roads to her in the boondocks house dips down through the bottoms.  Quite simply, they flood. And she acted surprised when I said I wasn't coming.


the dogs mother said...

Wow! Almost as much rain as we get in a year.

Bob said...

Stay dry.
They kept saying we were gonna get some Isaac and it never happened.