Saturday, October 27, 2012

Opus Rocks!

I don't know what year this particular panel came out, but I was a big fan of Bloom County when I was in college. The comic started in 1980 and by the animation I am guessing this panel is from the early years. I guess it just goes to show that things don't really change in our political arena!


the dogs' mother said...

You are in one of those states mentioned by pundits as being leaning or uncertain or some such way as being paid attention to. We, here in the west, are always one color only. Which means we get ignored a lot. On the hand it is probably a relief. We have virtually NO signs out as the bulk of the population is on the west side and that's where the votes are.

S'A said...

No signs would be nice! (they're every where!) The problem in Illinois is the North half is primarily blue and the South half is primarily red. I don't fit in much here in the South!