Saturday, November 3, 2012

Button, Button

My Grandparents lived and raised their family during the Great Depression. Grandma was a bit of a hoarder, which I feel was a direct result of those hard years. She also sewed all of her own clothes and we knew for Christmas she would give all of us kids something she had made. Stuffed animals several times, crocheted scarves and hats, capes and vests. One year she made Barbie Doll clothes for all of us younger girls. She had lots and lots of buttons. My Mom sewed, also, and had several containers full of buttons. I used to pour them out on the floor and sort them by color and size. I guess I have carried the tradition on. I have a large glass vase that I throw my spare buttons in and it's full. I honestly don't know where they have all come from.

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