Sunday, November 4, 2012

In Memory

 We lost our Lucky Cat this morning. She was 16 years old and she was a bit of a pain in the butt most of the time. Lucky was a fairly wild thing and wouldn't let other people get near her, but we were hers and if she was in the house she wanted to be on someone's lap. If we were sitting on the deck she would come and want attention. When my son was 4 years-old he and I  found her up town stuck behind a flower barrel. She was a tiny little thing, altho the vet thought she was almost 3 months old. I think she was a barn cat that came in on a grain truck. She was having a rough week this last week, I guess I didn't realize how bad. I figured I would call the vet tomorrow if she wasn't improving. But I went in to check on her a couple of times this morning, and a little after 8 o'clock I noticed she was gone. It's been a sad morning for us, but I'm glad she isn't suffering anymore. And I'm glad she was inside where it was warm and dry.


the dogs' mother said...

Always hard - she was loved and had a much better home and was lucky you found her.

Bob said...

So sorry for your loss.
Lucky was lucky you all found each other.