Monday, November 19, 2012

Who Knew?

The big topic at work on Friday was Hostess. The Father from the local Catholic Church bought our entire supply of Suzy Qs, which was 8 boxes total--we have a fairly small Hostess display. This is where I wish I was a bit quicker on the draw--I could have bought them all and sold them on Ebay!  I watched several auctions end yesterday afternoon. One single box of Twinkies went for over $25.00. I could have made a killing!


the dogs' mother said...

Daughter and I were going to check out our stores display to see if they were selling out. Totally forgot.
I do know the neighborhood tribe conducted a Twinkie Longevity Test about ten years ago... and one year they tried deep frying them.

Bob said...

Luckily I was never a fan of the snack cakes.
But God help anyone who gets between me and a Peanut Butter Cup.