Sunday, February 10, 2013

Morning Coffee

Roscoe, our resident wanderer, wanted out 2 1/2 weeks ago and didn't come back. He has disappeared on us before, but never for more than a week. We were having frigidly cold weather at the time and we've had a few small snows, nothing that was worth measuring, but enough that I would think any creature of intelligence would want to be in and warm. We hoped, because he is such a friendly cat, that someone had taken him in. But he is wearing a collar, so we feared the worse. We got up this morning and there he sat in the hall-way in front of our son's door. He must have showed up after we went to bed. I'm surprised he didn't come in and jump on our bed. He has followed us around all morning, "talking". I'm sure he has been telling us his story. Wish I understood feline. Now he is sacked out on the husband's lap. He's a bit thinner, but otherwise seems no worse for the wear. After a week of bad news, this is quite welcome!

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Bob said...

As a kid I had a cat that looked just like that--Sylvester--and he'd disappear for a time, too, and always come with a story.