Saturday, February 16, 2013


We arrived in Denver safe and sound Thursday around noon. We drove through snow flurries for the last hour or so. We spent the afternoon at the hospital with my niece and brother. Then came on up to Cheyenne in the evening. The doctors think they have (most of) her symptoms diagnosed, but she still has a long road to recovery. She appears to be full of infection, therefore they can't do some of the tests that they would like until the infection clears up. Then more decisions have to be made about her treatment. We are staying here at the house, doing a few things. I'm not sure how much help we are. My brother and sister-in-law take turns driving back and forth to the hospital to stay with her. They both have to work Tuesday so we are going to go stay with her that day. At this moment, my step-dad is planning on heading back home on Wednesday and I will probably go with him. Mom is torn. She would like to stay, but she can't get around very well-she has her own health problems. I wish I was in the position to stay, but we can't really afford for me to miss more work than that.  I have been able to spend some time with my youngest niece (she's almost 16), which I really enjoy. I do find I miss the girls but my brother was career military and has always lived away. I just have to tell them I love them at every opportunity.

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the dogs' mother said...

Bestest hopes for your niece's full recovery. And have a safe trip.