Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunflower Days

Even though I got the garden out late, I am finally getting some produce out of it. The green beans have been plentiful, we've had quite a few zucchinis and cucumbers and the popcorn is doing extremely well. On the other hand, the tomatoes haven't done much. Oh, well, that happens. The amazing thing is the sunflowers. This one, in particular. I've never had one get this tall! I wish it showed up a bit better, but green on green is about the only angle I could get! First bad storm with high wind will probably take it down, but the cardinals will like it this winter. If it comes down, I'll just lean it against the fence!


Bob Slatten said...

It looks like Jack's beanstalk!

the dogs' mother said...

ohmygoodness! That's amazing.