Monday, November 24, 2014

Writing Style

This writing project I started in June of '13 has gotten a bit unwieldy, a constant thought at the back of my mind, no matter what else I'm doing, whether I'm working or watching a video or just trying to relax. It started out as something to do during study-hall when I was a teenager and I added to it occasionally during college, even using a bit of it for a Comp. class assignment. (Which the professor liked and even asked my permission to use as a sample for other classes!) Even after, when my kids where young, I would get it out and add a thought here or there, not actually writing anything, just making notes. For what end, I never knew. Until something popped in my head one day at work and I dug it out again and started actually organizing it. And some little voice in the back of my head decided I ought to finish it, make it cohesive. You know, make myself crazy.

Okay, not sure where I'm going with this. I actually was just playing with my camera (having trouble with it) and I had my note cards spread out, so I think maybe I was going to post something about my crazy method of organizing my (not so little anymore) writing project, using colored cards to represent different characters. And how frustrated I get when things don't want to gel, and then there are those moments when they do. And somehow, these stupid colored index cards have become my life!

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hmmmmm - sounds intriguing!