Monday, July 20, 2015

Garden Diaries

So, after a month of record-breaking rains, this is what my garden looked like. Half of it died and what has survived is severely stunted, and a bit yellow. In fact, in this picture, the weeds are taller than the vegetables!  Although Saturday was too hot to breathe and yesterday featured some spotty light rain, I managed to get out and clear some of it away. I'm hoping to get more damage control accomplished  through-out the week and do some replanting next weekend. It may be salvageable, although I seem to have lost some (a lot) of my interest in the whole thing. I always start the spring with such good intentions!


the dogs' mother said...

I soooo know the feeling. My garden is
on my deck and about now I'm thinking WHY
did I plant so many pots while hand watering

Bob Slatten said...

It's been a weird weather summer ... and spring and winter ... this year.