Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Tribute To The Family White

(not even half of us!)

         Last week was a rough one. My mom lost one of her brothers. Of the original 10 siblings, the youngest 3 are the only ones left. It just happened that our family reunion was Saturday, so we gathered together for the service on Friday and then at the park the next day. I think everyone needed that day of food and laughter. (and there was lots of  laughter!)
        Our family is spread all over the country but I was in a unique position when I was growing up; we lived just a few blocks from my grandparents, so I got to see everyone when they came to visit. It was odd finding out that I pretty well knew who everyone was while my older cousins (I'm one of the very youngest) didn't. I've come to believe that those of us with large families who love and care for each other need to appreciate it. Because so many people don't have that. 

(a 'small' group of us, circa 1970--we have no clue where the pony came from.)    



the dogs' mother said...

My daughter-in-law has 18 aunts and uncles (doesn't include their spouses so that could be 36!)

Bob Slatten said...

Sorry for your loss, but to have a huge family to celebrate and remember was probably a good thing, and a great day.