Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Because Some People Just Don't Get It

Wow-- it's amazing how Facebook exploded with the whole "scandal" of the red cup, and it appears that most of my Christian friends see it as ridiculous. (Personally, I find the red to be quite festive.) Who even started it? Does anyone know? I'm guessing Faux News, but that's just an educated guess. Or maybe Trump. It's possible he has a beef with Starbucks. Anyway, he made a fair amount of noise during his Springfield appearance about it (sullying my state just by being here). Now my husband wants one of those cups so he can carry it around at work, just to see if some of the holier then thou people he works with will comment. (No, he's not passive/aggressive at all--okay, maybe quite alot.) My guess is, in the long run, it's just going to get Starbucks more business, instead of the reverse. I don't go there often, simply because I'm fine with black coffee that I can get at Casey's for a buck, but this might just prompt a visit when I travel to "the big city" this weekend. Okay, Effingham isn't really a big city, but my little village doesn't host any Christian persecuting coffee shops. In the mean time, I guess my non-Christian household will just have to make do with  red Solo cups!


the dogs' mother said...

A fellow named Joshua Feuerstein started it.
He is a vlogger who has been ranting for years
but never got much attention until he decided
the red cup was evil.

can't wait until i can get up to the grocery store,
we have an instore starbucks and get my red cup!

Sadie J said...

Ah, okay. I've heard the name but never paid any attention to him. Now I know to stay far away!

Bob Slatten said...

I'm with your husband, I want one just to carry the cup around and see who freaks.
Sadly, the closest Starbucks to Casa Bob y Carlos is 27 miles away!